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Roelandt Racing Systems Roelandt Racing Systems
Roelandt Racing Systems Roelandt Racing Systems

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About Roelandt Racing Systems

Full Size NASCAR Racing Simulators, Full Motion Dirt Late Model, Asphalt, and Sprint Car Racing Simulators

Realistic Virtual Racing

Roelandt Racing Systems is a family run business created in 1999.  We got started by building a three car race team to help promote our brother's racing magazine. After one season we realized we needed help. With very little experience and seat time, you can only imagine the bent up parts we went through. As a joke we put a computer and video game controller in an old racing chassis. One thing led to another and soon we had a  racing simulator. We felt if we built this right, people would want to drive these and we could make a little money to help with our racing program. After a lot more work, we had a full size simulator. But that wasn’t enough. To make our product better and ready for the public, we added a hydraulic system for movement, a fog machine, some vibration, wind, and smell. Now we had a full size and fully active simulator.  After running in a few shows and some more fine tuning, we realized we had a good product. We added an in car camera and built a large pit cart accessory unit that holds a big screen television which allows spectators to view what the driver is seeing.

First Class Racing Simulators

In 2000, we took a car to Charlotte, North Carolina, the racing capital of the world. We pulled into a promotion event and had to put our simulator next to a couple of full size NASCAR racing simulators. The first thing that went through our mind was, "How do you compete with these popular NASCAR icons?" As we unloaded our car and watched their equipment, we realized something. Their equipment consisted of a beautiful full size race car in which they had simply taken a video game and placed it in their car.  Pretty cool, but you look inside this very expensive race car and see a bright yellow plastic seat with a tiny steering wheel and the car had no movement.  Our simulator, with its hydraulic operated realistic movements, was quick to draw everyone's attention.

We have had many professional drivers run our simulators.  There have been several times where we were running our equipment, that after a driver leaves, the next person in line tells us who they were.  Obviously we knew who some were but its pretty cool when someone will say, "Didn’t you know who that was?" Our simulators are pretty unique and people take pictures all the time.

National Recognition

Roelandt Racing Systems has had the opportunity to take these simulators to some of the best venues in the country, like the World 100,  the Knoxville Nationals,  Chicagoland Speedway,  Iowa Speedway,  Prelude to the Dream, and Lowes Motor Speedway.   We have met many influential people but our best event was a fuel convention we did for Sunoco.  It was very high class and every major player in the fuel industry had attended. We were the hit of the convention and were asked to come to all the dinners and hotel suite parties after the convention. I’ll  just say that Sunoco was on the 23rd floor and when we finally made it to the 43rd floor it was unbelievable. The bar was all ice and they would pour your drink through a huge ice sculpture to chill your drink.

Roelandt Racing Systems currently have four full size, fully active simulators.  One full size NASCAR simulator, one sprint and two dirt late model cars.  This allows us to bring the most appropriate or desired car to match the event.  Our ability to make changes in the cars and the race tracks, coupled with the fact these are actual formerly raced, full size cars, it gives the drivers a very realistic driving experience.  Our cars are a hit wherever they run, from an event like a local birthday party or a major racing event, to a business convention.